100%Recycled spandex

The all new linel® tape has been studied and shall be used as a replacement of the natural rubber and/or in part of TPU’s tapes.

A variety of applications are possible due its unique elastic properties. The linel®tape high elongation and tensile strength make it particularly useful for sewn applications in apparel (men & women undergarments), socks (shaftless/invisible), technical textiles (fitted bed sheets), technical applications as for masks and swimwear garments.

PT. FILLATTICE Indah Industry R&D has taken advantage of the Italian Technology and with its new linel® spandex tape product is committed to meeting or exceeding all environmental regulations. ECO FRIENDLY, from 100% industrial waste raw materials and finding ways to recuperate the latter & all byproducts created during its processing.

Product Safety and Certification

We are committed to making Health, Safety and Environmental protection an integral part of our products, from raw materials through disposal. This discipline has the goal to meet with the world’s more and more stringent health and environmental standards. Our updated MSD sheet is also available on our webpage: www.linel-tape.com

We work closely with our clients regulatory and safety compliance organizations to expedite the approval process in a changing environment. Our product is Oeko-Text® Standard 100 since 2017, safety is a top priority and we use all necessary precautions in order to meet these standards, and our customers’ needs. The GRS certification is also an option if the customer requires it!

linel® spandex tape VS natural rubber and/or TPU tapes

Spandex is a polymer, segmented polyurethane. The linel® tape has similar modulus, lower permanent set and a flat stress-strain curve compared to other TPU tapes and it is much more similar to natural rubber one. It’s more forgiving for process variations and much more longer lasting. It is much thinner (almost 2/3) and it is produced in: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12mm widths. This results in an improved and sustained comfortable fit in any elastic application compared to the natural rubber and/or other TPU tapes. 

Key points besides being ECO FRIENDLY are the followings:

  • Increased comfort; excellent stretch and recovery attributes.
  • Thinner (about 100 microns) up to 2/3 than standard elastics eliminating bulky seams and bulges.
  • Garments maintain shape and elasticity after multiple wear/wash/drying cycles.
  • Excellent laundering and/or dry cleaning resistance compare to rubber & TPU tapes.
  • Free of natural rubber latex protein allergens, allergic free, talc free, & odorless.
  • Color options (off-white standard), black and any others upon request with 300 to 500 kg MOQ.
  • Price competitiveness; better yields $/meter then the competition (- 30+%).

JI. Pajajaran N°62, Gandasari, Jati Uwung, Tangerang 15137, Indonesia

JI. Pajajaran N°62, Gandasari, Jati Uwung, Tangerang 15137, Indonesia