The linel® Spandex Recycled Technology

Spandex or elastane fibres can be produced by several different spinning processes (wet, dry, melt, reaction): but while nowadays over 90% of it is produced by dry technology all over the world, nevertheless wet technology can be particularly interesting and efficient to obtain good properties from recycled industrial yarns (spandex in bulk), mainly when producing high/heavy denier yarns and tapes.



Today, the first Asean manufacturing unit of PT. FILLATTICE Indah Industry is focused on the production of linel® Heavy-Denier spandex yarns, an elastomeric fiber (from 420 Den to 2.500 Den) for narrow fabrics & diapers and the linel®tape (i.e.  3mm to 12mm width tapes), a new and unique product in substitution of the rubber for textiles & technical applications.

The Heavy–Denier linel® spandex had been produced since the beginning of the 70’s in Italy and now is manufactured in Indonesia with a “greener” approach by using recycled raw materials (i.e. industrial spandex waste). It is a very regular product, in off-white, on request; black or other colors (300 to 500 kg MOQ) depending on the costumers’ requests and needs! Its characteristics are market accepted and we are constantly looking for improvements.


The linel®tape on the contrary is an absolute novelty, a new and unique product not existing on the spandex galaxy before PT. FILLATTICE Indah Industry recent introduction. This tape is offered in different mm widths (3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm & 12mm) with a Denier range from about 3.000 to 12.000 den. The spinning process technology for linel® tape has been fully developed in the R&D pilot plant in house and it is now targeting the substitution on the natural rubber and/or TPU type tapes with important advantages in all aspects; in term of quality; better resistance to chlorine, washing and drying resistance, appearance; thinner less bulky, cleanness; talc free, latex free, no allergic reactions,  odorless and a finer final garment but most of all at a competitive price! At least about 30% cheaper than its rubber competitors all made in Indonesia.


Linel® is the one and only Italian recycled elastomeric fiber (spandex). Its polyurethane based yarn and/or tape is manufactured with 100% recycled industrial raw materials traced from top of the industry suppliers. The qualifying characteristics of linel® products are particularly appreciated by the end-users and are its remarkable softness and silkiness, the very high elongation/elasticity (it can stretch 5 to 7 times its original length) and notable but gentle and longlasting strength of recovery.


Linel®’s level of quality is such as to always guarantee the best performances even on specialized applications. Special Deniers and/or Widths and colors on request are a service that PT. FILLATTICE Indah Industry offers in order to better serve its customers and in order to find solutions tailor made for all of them.

The company’s spandex production technology has been developed in-house and the continuous research and development is now strongly focused on the process to go “greener”, more Eco-Friendly, sustainable but also on new products and requests from our costumers. A particular attention is spent on reducing the energy consumption and preventing the waste of all raw materials; (i.e. packaging materials, solvent, water, etc.).  and/or its recycling, in order to lower the product cost and to maximize the clean impact on the environment (i.e. a 3 stages distillation plant & scrubber for solvents’ recovery).

PT. FILLATTICE Indah Industry is unceasingly working on refining its linel® spandex productions to efficiently respond to the fast and ever-changing requirements of the market. Over the past three year or so, linel® has been working on improving its image of modernity, reliability, avant-garde technology, Eco-Friendliness hence respect for the environment and of course of Italianization linked to branded textiles even though produced in Indonesia.


The wide denier range of linel® HD yarns (from 420 Den up to 2.500 Den) is available in an oval or a flat section (i.e. preferred by some leading diapers’ producers), in 1 kg bobbins (up to 3,3 kg) for knitted tapes services we now advice, suggest and rely our partners of SK Group, Mumbai, India.

Diapers, hygienic products, bandages, narrow fabrics, laces, straps and trimming for bras are all textile/technical sectors where linel® heavy denier yarn expresses its best performances.


A recent novelty is also the “Any colors” version of linel® HD, besides the black mainly for narrow fabrics and footwear a selection of various colors can also be supplied on-demand with a minimum order (MOQ 300 to 500 kg).

The linel® tape ranges from 3mm to 12mm with an average thickness of 100 micron (jum) so to be half to 2/3 thinner the natural rubber tapes, lesser thickness hence a finer, nicer final garment compared to the traditional rubber ones, also odorless and allergy free, hence a whole around better final product at a very competitive price for a better and more sustainable final garment.

As per the linel® yarns the tapes comes into a off-white color but black and other colors are also available and can also be supplied on-demand again with a 300 to 500 kg MOQ. The packaging is in 2.0 to 2.5 kg boxes in order to minimize the space. In a box there is from 1.600 meter (12mm width) to more than 6.250 meters for the 3mm. 20 boxes are fitted on a pallet layer (about 40+ kg) up to 7 layers; reaching 10 pallets (2.0 to 2.5 kg x 20 x 7 x 10 = +/- 3.000+ kg net) on a 20’ standard container and 21 pallets (2.0 to 2.5 kg x 20 x 7 x 21 = +/- 6.500+ kg net) on a 40’ standard one.


The company has taken on a new development for the spandex brand linel®, the only Italian recycled elastomeric fiber (born & registered ® in the 70’s) and the goal is to grow it in undergarments and swimwear as well as in specialty technical products (i.e. protective masks) in the fastest growing markets in the Asean region.

The OEKO-TEX certificate was also obtained for the first time in May 2017 in order to be ready for any market requirements the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification will be soon available too if required.

Linel® sales network is managed directly from its head-quarter in Tangerang, 25km southwest of Jakarta, Indonesia: commercial offices, agents and distributors will assist Customers in: Europe and north Africa via a Monaco office: ELASTOMER MCO, India, Sri-Lanka via Mumbai/Tirupur offices (India), Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand and China via Hong Kong office; MADISON AVE. Ltd. and  North, Central & South-American markets via D&N Co. Inc. office in the state of Florida, USA.

JI. Pajajaran N°62, Gandasari, Jati Uwung, Tangerang 15137, Indonesia

JI. Pajajaran N°62, Gandasari, Jati Uwung, Tangerang 15137, Indonesia