PT. FILLATTICE Indah Industry linel®

Spandex is commonly used for describing elastane fibres, that are synthetic, polyurethane fibres with high elasticity and recovery properties. The linel® yarn is unique and made from 100% spandex industrial waste; it has the Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard certification since 2017 and the GRS one can be obtained if necessary within a 3 to 4 month delay.

The linel® yarn is an Eco-Friendly product, manufactured with an Italian Technology, a world renown brand in the spandex industry since the 70’s now “made in Indonesia”.

End-use sectors: elastane yarns are typically incorporated into textile constructions where their high elastic extension and high recovery forces are advantageous. Elastane yarns are never used alone in fabrics, but always in combination with other fibers (i.e. cotton, polyester, nylon, viscose, wool etc.), either as bare yarn or in a covered form.
The main applications are; narrow fabrics (straps and trimmings for all sorts of clothing articles), denim/jeans but also for technical articles; diapers, sanitary pads & medical articles.

The final products are bobbins of elastane (Spandex) yarn, available in a very wide range of titres: the plant is focused on Deniers between 420 up to 2.500 in Off-White standard color. The linel® yarn will be collected on paper cylindrical tubes, of 114 mm length 1kg standard weight up to 3 kg for diaper’s use. 18 to 24 kg each box, 4 to 32 boxes per pallet (up to 8 layers). Any colors are available on request with a 500 kg MOQ (i.e. Black, green, blue, pink, etc).

JI. Pajajaran N°62, Gandasari, Jati Uwung, Tangerang 15137, Indonesia

JI. Pajajaran N°62, Gandasari, Jati Uwung, Tangerang 15137, Indonesia